I am a multi-award-winning Script Editor, and also a Screenwriter and a published Novelist. Before these, I was an Executive Producer, Series Producer and Producer-Director.

Over the years, I have been privileged to work with many talented people, on many successful projects. I have worked on projects of every genre and scale – from rom-coms to cinema documentaries. IMAX films, drama-docs, science series, drama shorts, and many other genres.

Films and series that I have worked on have so far won 27 awards:

Emmy (Hindenburg)
WildScreen (Enchanted Kingdom 3D, In The Womb)
DuPont Columbia (Japan Tsunami)
RTS (Space with Sam Neill x 2, Animals In The Womb)
Banff (Electric Skies, Animals In The Womb)
Golden Panda (In The Womb: Extreme Animals)
Worldfest Houston (Krakatoa, In The Womb)
Cine Golden Eagle (Avalanche)
New York (Raging Planet, Electric Skies, In The Womb)
Television & Film Awards (In The Womb: Extreme Animals)
International 3d & Advanced Imaging Society (MicroMonsters 3D, Enchanted Kingdom)
Namur Nature Festival (Dark Side Of The Ocean)
Blue Ocean Film Festival (Dark Side Of The Ocean)
AAAS (Japan Tsunami, Electric Skies)
European Science Media (Japan Tsunami)
ICA (Raging Planet)
IEFF (Manas: Return Of The Giants)

I can find the story in almost anything.

But above all, I pride myself on working with people to improve their own scripting skills.

We all benefit from working with more experienced people. It gives me great pleasure to give a little back.

I have assembled a Toolbox For Storytellers – a series of steps to help you towards a script that really sings. Dip in and out as you wish!

My three published novels are psychological thrillers written under the pen-name Richard Burke. They explore what happens when ordinary people are thrown into an extraordinary, and secret, world.